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RuMmy ABbasi 5 HOURS AGO

saara ilzaaam dusro per daal ke
jeeta hai har insaan yha kyu khud saare natize nikal ke.


Divyani Soni 8 HOURS AGO

"लिखा हुआ तुम्हारा ज़रा कम समझ आने लगा है" लोग कहने लगे हैं,
हमने कहा माफ़ करना ज़रा खुद में ही मगन रहने लगे हैं।


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Sheetal Rekha 11 DEC AT 0:38

I don't know if you are inspired by me,
I don't know if your soul feels envious when you stalk on me,
I don't even know what made you to go high on my labour,
If I should be gratified or melancholic;
But Honey,keeping your drama aside,know that it takes labour to howl as wolf among the sheeps.
If you really had wanted to be my echo,then be you first.
Rather,lay down a fair effort on your intelligence,
So that you be the best of the wolves,one day or the other.
With Gratitude😘,


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Nishat Usmani 9 DEC AT 15:11

Aane wali hai bht haseen lamhe
Jiska hai mjhe besabree se Intezar
Kuch or din fr aaenge wo khushi pal


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फिर Ek नयी zindagi की सुरुआत


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Mere Alfaz 8 DEC AT 22:34

मै कैसे कहु की सारे जहाँ की खबर है मुझको
मै तारीखों मे कैसे उलझू मेरी खुद कोई तारीख नहीं


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veera Grover 8 DEC AT 22:04

Kya kisiko hai pta .....ek raaz ki baat...
Aane vaali 10 tareekh ko hai kuchh khaas..


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Joshua Godwinfrancis 8 DEC AT 13:17

Eyes are heavy, I feel so weak.
I slur my words, I can hardly speak.
If only I could sleep.
If only my sanity I could keep.
This black hole beneath my feet.
Full of darkness, light tries to creep.
If only, if only I could crawl, or take this leap.
It's weird watching the person you used to be die in your arms.
We are now perfect strangers
Sometimes I feel like my head is a screw
Twisted like tornadoes
Living inside my head
Trapped and trying to get out
I've become a fallen hero in my story
Bleeding in my silence
Drowning in my tears



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