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YourQuote Baba
2 FEB AT 20:25

Dear Writers,

1. Word of the day is TREAT.
Use the word in your quote and
express like never before.

2. Fill In The Blank:
If I were a fairy tale, I would be ______

3. Write an 8 word sci-fi short story.


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devika p mohandas
3 FEB AT 10:14

It's so astonishing
to watch
my poetries treat
my wounded soul


They heal my soul
PC : me



Payal Dutta
2 FEB AT 20:52

Treat me better or not my son,
My scars need to be treated by my man,
I'll present you the best treat my treat,
Bring me home if you can?


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Aromal krishna
3 FEB AT 12:34

Tricked by Trust and Treated with Traps,
Life often surprises me with
its Trick or Treat


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Prashant S. Vajpai
3 FEB AT 13:05

I would like to treat you
As undefined name
Show me your passion
That would affect me
From that others think
Rather than I think...
.......I would like to treat you.....




Bibhuti Saikia
3 FEB AT 2:29

Your heart is a healing wand
and its edge vile.



Ginni Kheterpal
2 FEB AT 21:45

"Was she with you , the whole night? "
"Yes, she was with me ."
"Did you enjoy making love with her ?"

"Yes, we enjoyed alot by spending out time in eating her favourite ice cream , a long cozy walk ,playing video games and the special thing was when she was laughing during pillow fight . I didn't remember when did we slept .
Bro , i just treated her the way she deserves . Love isn't always about sex"



Sakshi Singh
4 FEB AT 22:04

The times are changing but still even today I don't know why women have to fight to prove themselves.
Why does society treat them like a weak?
It's a question to this society, will that day come when a girl will be living without a taboo.



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