Tying and getting tied the knot tight 
the two youngsters ran for the stairs which lead to heaven, their heaven, the terrace. 
The heaven where beneath the clouds or the sun the two tots have kept themselves engaged in unlocking the mysteries of the family tree, they belong to ,only to conclude that the branches and stems of that tree have spread so far that for mundane beings it's impossible to extend arms to every branch with the hope of extracting fruits of affection and ardor. 
However, today they have planned to sit and gaze at the memories and moments of the little family that a branch of the tree has built . The new tree includes only them and their mother for the boozer ,their father has taken a retirement from the tree for the real heaven years back ,letting the other branches curse their mother for the sinful act that she would even dread to dream about, the sin of slow poisoning the boozer. So here away from the blame ,the small tree is nourished well by the three pair of hands .
Ah!  Another crucial work that is to be accomplished sitting there is the embellishment of the thread that is to be seized around the wrist of their armor, their reliant, their mother .


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घड़ी रुकी थी,
पर वक्त चलता रहा।
दिल टूटा था,
पर धड़कन चलती रही।
कुछ और पल वो जीना चाहती थी,
उसके लिए, जो सबसे अजी़ज था।।

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