बेसबब नहीं था उस नाज़ुक सी कली का फौलाद सा हो जाना
बच्चे की ख़ातिर, पड़ा उसे दिल माँ का तो कंधा बाप का बनाना !!

A salute to all the single mothers with this small dedication through my pen बेसबब - without any reason Pc-Google #yqbaba#yqdidi#singlemother#salute

24 JUN AT 1:42

"Happy Father's Day dad, you are my superhero", proudly wished the son.
The single mother finally proved the society wrong!

"Its not easy to raise a child without father",the general society thinking. But if she does doesn't she deserves to be appreciated and respected. Love u mom❤ #dad #fathersday #singlemother #YQbaba

18 JUN AT 12:30

He said u r not perfect for me..
But he was unware with the rest of the world..
A ten year old found a role model in her


31 MAY AT 21:20