You broke me and you did it so beautifully that everyone is still not aware of this,

But 2:00 AM knows everything...

#YQBaba... (Read the caption) Yeah! I'm not good at remembering dates but trust me I didn't forget your birthday...<3 I still remember you...❤️❤️ I still remember when we started talking... I still remember when we met for the first time... I still remember how our journey started...👫👫 I still remember your first touch... I still remember our first kiss...💏💏 I still remember your first truth And, I still remember your first lie... Look, I remember everything... Do you remember?? It's 12:00 AM, Look, the night has turned dark, it seems attracting me towards it because once I told those stars that I love darkness...🌇🌇 I still watch those stars calling me. Maybe they still love me or maybe they still doesn't know me... Look at the moon, it's changing its curve. Maybe it's giving me the indicator to fall in love with its beauty or maybe it wants to look more beautiful than you... Jealousy you know...😄😄 It's 12:30 AM, 30 minutes have passed and I'm still missing you. I regularly touch our memories but what I crave for is just your hug, your touch...😞😞 I was very short tempered but I don't know how I became mature out of nowhere... I don't know where I've set the limit of my patience but what I know is we'll meet again with the same smile on our face and that time the limits will make my equation definite... Even God wants to make our love definite ma'am but due to the limit of your stubbornness and persistent, they're failing this exam... It's 1:00 AM now, Look, I spent half an hour again just thinking about you... Don't you think, we would have spent this half an hour looking into each others eyes??😍😍 Don't you think, we would have spent this half an hour sharing our problems with each other??😊😊 Don't you think, we would have spent this half an hour sitting & talking under the moon??💑💑 Don't you think, we would have spent this half an hour cuddling and hugging each other??😍😍 Don't you think, we would have spent this half an hour loving each other??😍😘 I'm missing you badly and it's hurting me...Ufff!😖😢 It's 2:00 AM, One more hour passed and I'm here talking to my pillow...😔😔 You remember my diary, right?? I used it for writing about us and now I don't use it anymore... But, don't worry! I didn't leave writing... Just difference lies in that, now I don't write about us, I write about you because time has changed... Just come back into my life and light up my world, And you'll get to know about a person who somehow learned to flirt with words when he was in pieces...💔💔 #Pray... #ComeBack... #Insomnia... #InnerSoul...


I can't see you everyday(smile!),Rewinding thousands of memories that are gradually fading.
I can't be with you anymore(sigh!),Scar of memories that made a deep impact.


20 OCT AT 4:38

She said once again that word 
'Thanks '
Then was hidden in that darkness
Insomnia may be 
Hidden back those darkness...

My first collaboration with Nitin Sharma #collaboration#insomnia# Hope you are like my dear friend.. #yqbaba#yqdidi#yqmalayali#

14 OCT AT 8:10