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YourQuote Baba
15 MAR AT 19:39

Dear Writer,

1. Word of the day: INSOMNIA

2. 'Sleep on It'
Use the phrase and write a poem to all the problems that sleep can cure.

3. '5 Unique Ways to Fall Asleep'
Record a video or audio and describe five unique ways to fall asleep.
Give it a twist and keep it witty.


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Aishwarya Swarup
16 JUL 2017 AT 20:33

everyday I go to sleep
flowers grow on me
like they grow on graves,
sensing death bit by bit

midway in my dreams
I wake up to pull them away
maybe I still see life in everyday
I'm too fertile,
like the cracked open soil
eaten by worms
qualified to become a good flowerbed
with tinge of salt and warmth

what when one of these days
I sleep with no feeling of grief
and lie down welcoming
the smell of poppies and lillies?

everyday I go to sleep
flowers grow on me



Dimpy Bajwa
15 MAR AT 1:05

Here I, perpetual wandering
spirit, roaming aimlessly
on the lonely streets of necropolis
Prying through the chambers
of catacombs; I see
Some nursing heart, some
bleeding minds & some
fighting insomnia waiting
for berceuse to play
All in the chaos of crypted
mess, drenched in abyss of darkest
secrets, all jumbled
up and morose.
Until, feeling of tiredness
creeps with deep hollowed
numbness at the center
of my being


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15 MAR AT 20:26

Dar- Dar bhatak Rahi apni taalash mein,
Mil jaungi ek din jee rahi iss aas mein,
Jindagi k Safar mein chal rahe kai saath mein,
Reh - reh gum Rahi yaadon ki baraat mein,
Bahut kuch seekh Rahi iss hayaat mein,
Apne aap se mil Rahi in sawalaat mein,
Rishte aur bharose ki naav mein
Na koi rahbar mera.,
Khaana- ba- dosh si zindagi mein
Khala hai maano Samar mera.
Na koi paasbaan hai na koi aashnaa,
Bas hai nawazish aur ikhlaas iss
ruhaniyat mein.!!!


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Mohit Gummanwala
16 MAR AT 11:00

उससे बिछड़कर...सच कहूँ...
कई रात तो मैं...सोया भी नहीं...
और वो संगदिल...पत्थर का निकला...
मुझसे बिछड़कर...रोया भी नहीं...


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Srusti Dash
13 APR AT 17:15

"I can't sleep", I texted him.
"Babe, don't do this to me again.", I texted again as I saw the grey ticks turn blue.
"This is not working Natasha. Your mental health issues are too much for me to handle. There's work, and you know how mom has been picking these girls..."
I long pressed the power button. I needed to get out of here. If only getting out of bed was easier!

I somehow managed, my head spinned in circles from not having slept 3 nights in a row. Squinting , the zero power light too bright for my eyes accustomed to being in dark. I managed to reach mom- dad's bedroom. The struggle it takes to get into bed is a trillion times eensy as compared to getting out, even if you've to crawl in the space between two grown individuals.

That night, amid all the problems, as I slept between mom and dad, in a space where I barely fit, I felt 8 again. Most importantly, that night I finally slept.



Divya Singh
16 MAR AT 0:52

The "Distance"
The Midnight and The Morning,
Some of us travelled with
the different
for the different
within the equal
"Time Limit"


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