Some people are so blind that they can't see people's real motives!


25 JUN AT 20:24

And if he says ;
You are impure.
Your body has been touched.
Your bosoms are been crushed.
And you tasted another man's lips
Before his.

Then ask him,
How many women
Has he crushed before?
Or how many woman's purity
Did he snatch
Promising her of "A happily ever after".
For his temporary satisfaction.

And why is that,
Men like him only know
How to ruin a woman's body
Rather to love it.
And who even gave them permission
To play with a woman's innocent heart,
For their dirty mind games.

―Hypocrisy Much//

Since ages! The blood stains on bedsheet after wedding night is treated as a proof of woman's virginity. Why don't we ask proofs from a man of his virginity? Why isn't a man even asked before marriage whether he is virgin or not. Why always a woman? And when you ask her whether she is been ruined by a man before or not, it's because back in your mind you too know what man like you do. Man like you only know how to ruin a woman. Virginity of her is always such a big issue. Why society? Why? Hypocrisy much. #YQBaba#virginity#taboo#inequality#hypocrisy#man#woman#hesays

21 JUN AT 0:12

The bang came prior to the hen's crow. Rubbing my eyes deeply, I hurried down the bed and unlatched the door before it gave in to the persistent pounding. A dark figure stood stood at the doorway with his legs wide apart. The wide gap gave view to the Tata407.

The figure moved aside and in came a VIP sofa. Before I could give voice to my confusion, my rooms were showered with soaps, perfumes and room fresheners.

"Tomorrow the Minister is going to this colony and your house in particular to..." The rest I did not hear...

The sound, of kicking the daily utensils to make space for the ushering in of the new, drowned the hen's call. 

Repeat ... After five years ...
For the first time the first rays of the sun penetrated the veil of goodness which enwrapped the hypocrisy for so long ...


18 JUN AT 18:29