The Rule Book

They say we live in a free country, free from the shackles of rules laid down by some different skin, different religion or different language. They say we breathe in democracy, the so called science has lighten up lives. What they never say is that they have circumscribed our growth by eviscerating our wings, shackling us in golden cages filled with lies. What they don’t say is that they have only turned the pages of those science books that don’t clash with their blatant lies and superstitions. Tell me what are we other than puppets of superstitions dancing in front of the hypocrites? The hypocrites who create rules that even they can’t explain. Rules which we have to imbibe, for the sake of appeasing the forever demanding society. Rule number one Congratulations! If your chromosomes are x and y, you're exempted from most of the rules of this invisible book. It'll get a little difficult if your sperms decide to be feminine, and horrible if your chromosomes are confused and you decide your gender. YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO CHOOSE THE GENDER OF THE BODY YOU OWN. Damn! How can you decide to look beautiful, what about the macho man body you own? Rule number two Heterosexuals is the only accepted sexual orientation. YOU CANNOT HAVE YOUR OWN YOUR SEXUAL PREFERENCES. How can you have a fetish for a phallus, when you've already got one? What about your 7 pushte ( seven generations), how will you take it forward? For if you don't, this world will come to an end. Rule number three Don't get so happy if you're a heterosexual, we have rules for you too. If you want to be sanskaari, arranged marriage is what you have to swear by. If you decide to fall in love, find someone of the same religion, caste, status, blood group, and ofcourse a guy with a 6 digit salary or a girl who can make round rotis LOVE HAS A CALCULATED FORMULA, IT'S NOT BLIND. There's no "Jaa Simran jaa, jeele apni zindagi", in real life. Rule number four Hey baby girl, I know you're living a difficult life, at least you're alive. Guess what your parents would have killed you if they had known it was you. Unfortunately, sonography is banned because we cannot ban people's mindset. A GIRL WILL TAKE DOWRY AND RUN AWAY, KILL HER. Rule number five I'm on my periods. Sshh! Don't say it out loud, just 'whisper' or they won't let you 'stay free'. A GIRL MAGICALLY TURNS INTO A DEMON, WHEN ON HER PERIODS. I still wonder, maybe the goddess in the temple you stopped me to enter from, had her periods too. Rule number six Swear to die a virgin or get married to get laid. You had loved someone truly and got betrayed, maybe you had been raped, or maybe you're just an amazing athlete whose hymen had been broken, doesn't matter. It'll be your fault, you had to be careful. KEEP YOUR HYMEN INTACT, TILL YOUR HUSBAND FINDS THE TRACT. Oh lady, you can't decide get intimate. What about Sharma ji's daughter, she'll get offended. Rule number seven Since we have already started talking about virginity and sex, let me brief you through another rule. ASKING FOR A CONDOM IS AN OFFENCE We keep talking about sex education and science but when a person tries to buy a condom at a medical store, people will stare at him as though he's doing a sin. Like how dare he have a happy and a safe sex life? Rule number eight Body shaming is funny. You're fat? -"We can create museum in your tummy" You're thin?-"Do you eat air?" You have abs?-"He's a cassonova, using those abs for lust" You have no abs?-" Look at those hanging man boobs." YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO LOVE THE 'SHAPE OF YOU.' Rule number nine Mental illness is not a problem at all. You might be suffering from depression, anxiety issues or any other acute or chronic form of an unstable mental health, but all you are asked to do is divert your mind and this will eventually pass, because if you decide to take a treatment, you'll be flagrantly declared a mad man. YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO GO TO PSYCHIATRIST. Your emotional health needs no check up. You can survive through any horrendous activity in your life. It's just a bad phase, it'll pass. Golden Rule Nobody will make you aware of this one rule, but you have to indubitably follow. Release your self from the trammels of these unrealistic traditions. You'll be judged even on the way you breathe. Before it's too late, know what's right for yourself, fight for it and stop worrying about ''Woh chaar log kya kahenge" ( What will the society think?). #TheRuleBook #society #prejudice #yqbaba #hypocrisy