Ek budhiya kone me baith kehne lagi,
"Apni beti ki tarbiyat seedhe se karen".

"Faarig ho kar duusri gali me jhaank.
Pehle apni gali ka kuuda to saaf karle
munaafiq budhiya"

A common trend followed in our country by all hypocrite MIL'S who easily raise finger on their daughter-inlaws, irrespective of how unpleasant & dirty their sons are. #yqbaba #yqdidi #yqbhaijan #urdu #hypocrisy


I'll make sure my Daughter is never born into a BROTHEL, is educated and lives her dream. 

Caption 👇

India, a country where history is not just what we study in our schools but about the values the great kings, queens, scholars, warriors and the religious text taught us, brotherhood and humanity are not merely words written in the dictionary but in every Indian heart, but when it comes to prostitution, one of the oldest profession in India, in fact oldest profession of the world, the history is forgotten, humanity takes a back seat and brotherhood hardly spelled. What should we call this a cultural India or a Hippocratic India? The most interesting part of all this is that the person considering prostitution as a sin and a prostitute a black spot on the human race is the one buying sex. #youtquote #prostitution #legalize #hypocrisy #yqtales #englishquote #sadfeeling