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Mrinal Shingavi
19 JUL AT 22:44

Dont think too much,but
Think twice for baby steps.
Dont love too much,but
Love can conquer the world.
Dont sympathize too much,but
Sympathy is been noticed sooner.
Dont laugh out loud,but
Laughter is the best therapy.
World is discrepanted,
Dont go unnoticed,but
Let everyone un-notice you!



Priya Aiyar
13 JUL AT 7:32

खुद के नाम का मंगलसूत्र पहनाकर परस्त्री की कामना करता है
खुद परस्त्रीगामिनी होकर भी एक पतिव्रता की आस रखता है।


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26 APR AT 19:40

You love people,
Yet you stab them on their back.
You like faces,
Yet you hide your's with a mask.
You vote for peace,
Yet you want wars.
You are fond of luxuries,
Yet you refuse to value them.
You like a lot girls,
Yet you fail to dignify them!!



Mrinal Shingavi
6 JUL AT 14:08

Cruel is the world for those who reside here with peace,
Peaceful is the world for those who reside here with cruelty,
Crooked is the path for those who choose for straight,
Straight is the path for those who choose for crooked,
It's just a hypocrite,
The way it builds is the way it breaks,
The way it unites is the way it divides,
The way it saves is the way it drowns,
Build your world before the world builds you!!



Subiya Hussain
30 MAR AT 14:10

Society: "be yourself "

Society: "no no, not like that!"


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पीयूष मिश्रा
23 SEP 2017 AT 0:44

हम धर्म को बचायेंगे
दंगे करवाएंगे

बेटे की शादी
अपनी दीवाली
(लक्ष्मी है आई)
पैसे नहीं लाई?
हम बहू को जलाएंगे

नवरात्र चल रहे हैं
करो देवी की पूजा
क्या? मर गया है बच्चा?
कोई तो है डायन
हम अफवाह उड़ायेंगे

कोई लुट रहा है?
हमें उस से क्या है?
रात हो गयी है
हम तो सो जायेंगे



8 JUN AT 22:13

You should feel happy if your haters are keeping eyes on your every single activity.


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Mayur Shivhare
25 JUN AT 10:36

"When People are more interested in your problems and not solutions, then they are the (Problem)".


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