As I stepped on the stage, I was just 7 year old girl, who was going to perform her first dance performance on stage. Before anything, I performed a 'Namaskar' by touching the ground and took my position. 

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It was Independence day morning, but my vision was blurred, because stage lights were focused on me. I didn't noticed anyone but my father who was standing on the corner of the stage, I could see pride in his eyes saying, I can do this and then a man played the song "Vande Mataram". I was so nervous that my throat went dry and I could hear my heart as it was beating too fast. The moment I felt the music beats I performed my dance. All I can hear was the song and the moment I ended my performance, audience gave me a standing ovation and I looked at my father's happy face as he was clapping so hard. I was happy, because it was the day I got the essence of my life. Dance is my love, my drug and passion. Nothing makes me happy more than this. When I feel low, it works as energy booster and it adds meaning to my life. Thanks to my mother who encouraged me and my father who trusted me. Since then I started my journey with dance. Since then we never left each other. #YQbaba #onthestage #essence #dance

15 OCT AT 22:40

Every flower has its own
Essence, likewise every
Human has its own essence.
Not to be compared. Not to be judged. Not to be blamed.
Just to understand the creativity of God!

#essence #yqbaba Here I complete 250 quotes thanks everybuddy for such love ❤️keep inspiring keep writing :)

14 OCT AT 23:03