Today I'm riding a way!
A way where the snow flakes could melt over my burnt skin
Skin that is present in million of folds,
Skin which can not camouflage
With several shades of gold!
So naive, so pure, so firm
not the skin but the soul
As it got some bleeding scars,
Scars of betrayal, scars of distrust
Scars of defiance of your disgust!!

Today I'm riding a way!
A way where I could chase the essence
The essence of your presence,
Essence which got blown away
with each swipe of breeze,
Essence up the woods
which could turn a hundred moments back
The moments which got extinct & unstacked!!

Today I'm riding a way
Which didn't got any dimensions
But one thing I know, can get me away
From facing all boundations!!


15 DEC AT 12:00