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that's the reason 
My pages are blank now

I write about everything I feel 
And I don't feel anything for you anymore.

I write about everything I feel. And you were the deepest thing I've ever felt so I wrote everything about you. I wrote about the neon lights glowing under my veins every time your skin brushed mine. About the stars shooting through my bones as I lost track of time. About your wildfire that burned down my walls. About the footprints imprinted on my heart when I let you in. About how the real reason behind them was you walking all over me. I wrote about the time I handed over my ever-fragile heart. About the way you dropped it and how I couldn't hear it shattering admist your echoing lies. About how I knew I should have ran away but I couldn't resist your magnetic pull. About how when I saw you take the leap, I couldn't hold myself back. I wrote about how I was blinded by love and it was only during the fall that I realised you had a parachute on. About the way I burned and crashed. About the ruins we left behind. About the grave mistakes, unsaid goodbyes and heart-wrenching grief. I wrote about getting up and brushing off the dust. About the healing, rising and shining. About moving on. Maybe that's the reason my pages are blank now - I write about everything I feel and I don't feel anything for you anymore. - The Luna Follow @pen_the_pain_ on Instagram for more! ✨ #yqbaba #writersofinstagram #wordporn #poetrycommunity #poetsofinstagram #theluna #deepthoughts #yqpoetry