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Navoneil Bhattacharyya YESTERDAY AT 19:04

Summer Love

Your skin on mine feels like summer -
The sticky sweet stench of sweat is undeniable.
You hold my hand like we're in a crowd an inch of uncertainty from getting lost.
Your eyes overflow with a nameless sorrow
Like we didn't spend all day yesterday in each other's arms braving the sun.

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Navoneil Bhattacharyya 19 MAY AT 13:44


With every passing day, the weight on my shoulder falls off a tiny bit
Like mortar crumbling off old walls
No longer needing to guard ancient cities like fortresses.
My feet begin to move.

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Navoneil Bhattacharyya 17 MAY AT 11:58

In Search of Awe

All this going back and forth -
Rushing from ocean to hilltop
Catching sunrises and full moons
To gape at and say "wow" -
Reminds me of the nostalgic stillness of ether

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Navoneil Bhattacharyya 14 MAY AT 20:24

Mermaid in Love

At this moment this alone is Earth -
You, me, and time standing still,
Let us watch the moon rise and fall,
Stars dissolve in the dawn.
When the oceans wash over, above and under us,
We breathe underwater,
Live the rest of our lives to the full.
This is all the faith we need.
One day, someone will write about us,
Call it love.


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Navoneil Bhattacharyya 14 MAY AT 12:10

The Movement

Can't you see we're moving?
A new day has just broken,
The sun has arisen,
Votes have been cast and the count has been taken,
The leaders have spoken
New promises as token,
The move has been fast and our sleep is forsaken.

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Navoneil Bhattacharyya 13 MAY AT 11:37


A ship is at sea. There are waves.
Thunderstorms. Stars in the sky.
People on board from the world over
Not always in pairs
But mostly,
Speaking different languages,
Wearing different skins,
Nodding politely,
Not eating each other up
Food and water to last a week.
Stars to gaze at forever.
I am the last of my name,
Or could be.
I forget the name of the ship.
I'm getting on, you see.
But I'm fairly certain
It's not Noah's Ark.
Is it?
I feel like a dodo. Male. I think.


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Navoneil Bhattacharyya 12 MAY AT 13:17


The water stretches away from me
As far as I can see I see ripples in the sand
Each a mountain in the making a promise an eternity
The sea cruises patiently by my side
I feel no angst no fear of crashing waves and Arctic ice

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Power me on this morning.
Press my buttons. Watch me light up,
Cook up a smile, a story, a cup of coffee and a poem.
See the menu hidden under my skin - you'll find all the options there.
Go on, try me like others have tried before.
Don't worry, I won't run out on you anytime soon.
I'm running on Duracell and last night's high.


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Navoneil Bhattacharyya 6 MAY AT 10:11

Morning Cuppa

I see the tops of trees shimmer from where I stand.
It's 5 am, not yet time for the sun to burn.
Two sloth pigeons share the balcony with me.
I let them be.
Today I'm not playing the scarecrow.
Today I'm the poet.
I let my eyes wander with my thoughts.
In the distance, I see a cat lying in the middle of the street
Outstretched, flattened out, dead.
One of its eyes is hanging from its socket.
I reach for my half-finished cup of coffee,
And scream at the birds.


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It is dangerous to start writing a poem at 1:30 am.
If it is any good it will keep you up all night.
If not, you will toss and turn and fear you have lost your art.
The nightmares will be terrible. You will wake up with a headache.

Woe be to the midnight thought, stay away from the poet.
He needs a good night's sleep as well.
Come back tomorrow at a respectable hour, with sufficient notice.
He will be at his desk - paper, pen, ink, and an empty head.


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