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Don't let you EX be an AXE to your heart.

Every now and then, missing your ex , remembering the false promises he/she had made, and then finally ending up with fucking your mood. Yeah, this becomes your daily routine during the breakup phase. . What are you gaining out of it? NOTHING. . Don't let him/her cut you, kill you like an axe does to a tree. You are a mountain. You deserve to stand tall with head held high. . You are a mountain, not a tree. Remember this. . #thechaoticshaayar #love #words #yqbaba #yqdidi #yqdada #quote

Oddly enough,
He can feel the foetus of an estranged
sentiment growing in the womb of my heart.
Yet I deny, I don't know why, when he enquires
Yet he smiles, I can't say why, when I argue
Someone seems to be whispering him 
my secrets, the ones even I am oblivious of. 
Not my heart, not my words.
Perhaps my silence, perhaps my actions.

My words say something else, my actions mumble something else. And here I am in a state of confusion. ❤ PC- #words#heart#silence#action#yqbaba #anamikaraj#yqtales#yourquote