I'm pretty good
 at building the wall 
around my heart...
I'll rebuild it 
this time, too!

I keep thinking to myself, what would happen if all of this, never occured in the first place? I swear I hate this. This fucked up situation. I didn't want to end up like this. I know this is a dead end. Nothing good will come from this. And yet, I can't seem to say goodbye. You're like a bad habit to me. Injurious yet addictive. Honestly, I'm trying not to care about you. Like I used to do before. You literally meant nothing to me. I was undefeated. I believed my walls to be strong enough, and then they crumbled down in a single night. Why did I let you break down my walls?! To get close to me? I'll never know! But don't worry. I'm pretty good at building the wall around my heart. I'll rebuild it again. I'm just a little tired. Its just, not over for us yet. And yet, I'm letting you go. #walls #heartbreak #lettinggo #incompletelove #yqbaba

21 FEB AT 7:56

Walls aren't just to support the house,
They hold a lot of stories in them.
They hold on to your laughs,
Lone crys.
Even endure your punches,
Provide should to cry as well,
But never tell anyone the stories they heard.


16 FEB AT 9:30