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Joined 5 February 2017
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The end


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It doesn't make sense


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Sit by the molten candles
That burn with a dying flame
Bet in the dark
On everything that matters
Flip your heart to make a decision
And search within soul to reach
The realization.
Imagine the crash of a shooting star
And mourn the demise
Of a dream that never came true
Scoop the wax and burn some skin
Find the flesh
Like the pure residue.

//Scoop out the moon from beneath the clouds and hold the purity that remains in ashes like unmined treasure under the gravel.


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It is just so temporary


Ritika Punjabi 30 MAY 2018 AT 12:06

Wherever you go
To hide away
From the slithering wreck
That chokes you in its grip
Turn to breathe
And let me in.
I might not be
The love in a ballad
Or the air in your lungs
But I could be the sliver of light
That enters through a tunnel
To tell you that there is one
At the end.


Ritika Punjabi 29 MAY 2018 AT 12:48

Withering wishes waned wrongful, waltzed wretched woes.


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