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YourQuote Malayali
2 SEP AT 19:02

Love love letter malayalamquote firstlove


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Ritika Punjabi
14 MAY 2017 AT 23:55

My words are verocious
Desire courses through them
They dont bleed
They are the clouds
That of pain reek
They rain pain
Drenching every part of me
As the sun shines
Of a certain brokenness
Moulding me back into the shape of me.
The pen doesnt dances
It awes
Everybody present
As it breaks and joins
A person with every emotion
The word can feel
Not only the walls
The words have eyes and ears too
They form accordingly
As they see you in pain or hurt
It will laugh
So loud you can hear its laugh
When it sees you happy
In the wake of its power
It leaves behind
A trail of ink
Ink that can destroy you to the pits
Or bring you back from the gates of hell.


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Rachita Bhatia Morales
12 FEB AT 16:02

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shraddha pawar
12 DEC 2017 AT 16:43

The price of pride rushing
through these walls grew
with every touch of you.
You always wanted me to move out,
didn't you?
So I left your apartment
with no baggage along,
to find a home;
with undone bed, toxic hugs and
broken walls.


I finally paid my rent.

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Sherin Joseph
26 MAR 2017 AT 22:07

No matter how high I build those walls
He takes care of my soul
Like a guard
Letting in only joy and serenity!



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