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Jiske sath puri life share krna chahti thi
Vo to aaj ek rumal bhi share na kr ska.

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दीवारें अगर कुछ कह पाती
तो सुनाती अपनी कहानी
कैसे तुम हथोड़े से ठोक कर
टांगते हो रोज अपनी नई कहानी

Now, the walls could say the most random things like, "I saw you naked." Or "You can't sing or dance. I think you should stop before I break and you're homeless." Or they'd pity you because you're really lonely and come to hug you and you'd feel suffocated? Woo just got a lil dark there. :P You do you. Use #WallsTalk NOTE: Hashtags are super duper important. So use relevant hashtags. If you're responding to any challenge, make you're using the specific one mentioned in the captions. It increases your discoverability. #Collab Challenge #YourQuoteAndMine Collaborating with YourQuote Baba #yqdidi #uq

We shut our outlet of understanding, trust & affinity !
There is no exit of bitterness & finds no serenity !
Wants nobody near to bear,
Roams like a lone wolf,
Emotions overflow....
Loneliness dwells...
Isolation begins....😐
        ~Deepa Gera

Pic credits: #uq #loneliness#lonewolf