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Anuup Kamal Agrawal
25 APR AT 21:28

The song has become alarming,
which I had set as alarm tune.



Zuhal Muradi
2 AUG 2017 AT 7:14

Rivers of Crimson

I feel everything, but my body is truly limited, as it can only show so much. The embodiment of pain, so much pain, has become a mask of obsidian that has leeched into my skin. Layer after layer it builds, almost as though it is shielding me from the arrows that try ever so hard to see me bleed.

But can't you see?
Can't you see how day by day I crawl ever so torturously closer to the bearer of the bow?
Let me be. The thing is, pain is all I ever want to know, but it is something that I won't ever feel again. Please let me embrace it's consequences one last time, I terribly need to see rivers of crimson flow.


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Sara Jothi
27 MAR AT 22:39

When you see him again,
stay still, my heart.
For, to his tunes
poor dear!
you've danced enough.



shahil sharma
8 MAY AT 21:01

न जानें कितने ही शायर हो गए है शहर में मेरे आजकल ,

ए मोहब्बत जरा ये तो बता की कितनो को दगा दिया है तूने ।


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Manindra Patel
26 MAY AT 9:59

My heartbeats💞 says to the
heartbeats💞 of my better half,
let us mix together & compose
a admirable music 🎶.


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