Let's leave.
You walk to right.
And me ...to left.
Let's see...
Where we meet again!
Maybe where the chaos meets.
Or maybe where the peace greets.

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I waited but she never came
When I gossiped with my heart
It questioned me that why couldn't I move on from her..
My reply, She was ineffable and one who pilfered my soul..

#yqbaba #yqdidi #yopowrimo #love Ineffable - too great for words.. Pilfer - steal. (here stole) . Indeed a random thought But not fictious its DAMN TRUEE !! . A small thought on my past.. Recollecting old memories.. #boostthyself #shayari #tpmd . For more of my verses check #yqverse BG pic - from innervoice ♡ . Adarsh !! Kavita Singh !! Komal Tanwar !! Kumarpal Vardhan !! Priyanka Rathi !!


Two liners

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I am tired of bowing everytime..
Everytime to my heart's desire..
The desire to see you..
At least once in a while..
Seeing you has no alternative whatsoever..
You're the only medicine I need..
For the pain & irritation..
That I face every now and then..
Away from you.. still awaits your presence..
The response from you..
To be together too soon..
But, at times I flinch myself..
As though the heart's all set to play the game..
The desires & despair.. all walk together..
Or the mind's up to some mischief too...
Or is it what I actually feel..
Some soulful connections too..
As I'd read about them in some stories too..
Or should I wait endlessly..
And learn whether I'm alive or dead..
With breathings & heartbeats to spare..
Or just a soul left haywire..
In your thoughts so deep..
Awakening only with your presence besides..
And lively with laughter's & smiles..
And teary eyes.. all glued on the expressions..
So meek.. the look's of a geek..
The laughter so radiant..
The eyes so deep.. & so lot more..
I get immersed in.. to stay alive therein..

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Real men, don't rape 
Real men, r not lusty of shape 
Real men, never thrash n crape
Real men, not crack jape
Real men, form love's cape

They r not beasts but sober descendents of ape !