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#stain quotes

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Aishwarya Swarup 27 FEB 2017 AT 17:57

I'm weaving a pashmina
from the golden threads of our conversations,
adulterating it
with wool of lukewarm love
and much detested opinions.
I'll add the colour teal
that'll remind us of peacock blues,
sad and beautiful,
like our past and future.
Now let's stain it,
rip it,
cuddle in its shreds,
comfort ourselves,
undress each other
and crawl under this layer of warmth
until the day when one of us
smells summer in the air
and pulls the pashmina away.


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Mohima Ghosh 11 OCT 2018 AT 23:55

We are poets.
We bleed in verses,
And leave stains
On paper and hearts.


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Prianca Singh 9 JAN 2018 AT 16:40

I try
to bury you
in words,
It stains
the pages of
my life,
the smell
of your memories
like fresh
Maybe you
are still in
my ink.


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Vartika Tiwari 13 JUN 2017 AT 17:34

Oh! my love all
these tears you shed,
like that lipstick stain on your
shirt are a reminder of all that is still left.


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Sushma Marebal 21 NOV 2018 AT 21:03

A kiss on my blood stained cheek?


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Amit Jotwani 19 JAN 2018 AT 11:06

The imperfections
in my poems
just mimic
my life.
Get close
at your own risk,
my wounds
will stain you.


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Kirti Jain 14 APR 2017 AT 16:43

I wish it rains
& drenches my soul,
washes away those stains
which made me so impure


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Whistling wanderer 14 APR AT 21:04

Success will taste sweeter
If stained with sacrifice..


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shalini guchait 22 JUN 2018 AT 17:05

the places i have visited,
been stained with my longing.

i wonder of the days to be spent,
washing them away.


Travel back to you.

#yqbaba #stain #longing #wash #travelback

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Soumojit Dutta 18 JUL 2018 AT 23:21

Millions of tissues would be less, to remove all the issues my mind has got.


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