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Joined 11 December 2016
Amit Jotwani 4 HOURS AGO

a shy lover.

I am hoping
for a shortlived coyness.


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Amit Jotwani 12 OCT AT 22:30

We wander along
bougainvillea bylanes
of life,
our comfortable
creating a conversation
of longing,
by the welcome commas
of stolen glances,
shy touches
that spell eagerness,
our yearn canopied
by the silken intimacy
of desire.


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Amit Jotwani 12 OCT AT 14:44

Cold sweat nights,
I get up
to assuage
the restless corpse
of my past,
into the womb
of unbiased skies,
flimsy silhouettes
of reminisces
that unmake life.


Amit Jotwani 12 OCT AT 0:30

stillness is achieved
by stirring
the storms within.


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Amit Jotwani 11 OCT AT 19:15

Thorns thrive,
flowers barely survive
in their dry
bookmark avatars,
when we hover
on the cusp
of unrequited nights
that we could have
but never managed
to own.


Amit Jotwani 10 OCT AT 11:07

I was hungry.

You fed my soul.

Now I glide
on life's easy rhyme.

A believer again.


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Amit Jotwani 8 OCT AT 19:44

Did you have
a troubled childhood?
Maybe some unresolved issues.
I admire your perseverance,
but you should really learn
to let go.
And change your PR agency.
Better marketing never hurt anyone.


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Amit Jotwani 7 OCT AT 10:30

my 'Raavan' purchased
fire insurance.

I need to change
my strategy.


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Amit Jotwani 7 OCT AT 0:15

The brimming
half cup
that the moon
is radiating,
empties prematurely
as the clouds
have other ideas.

Hope lurks,
only visible
to the relentlessly faithful.


Unshakeable faith is the answer.
#faith #yqbaba

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Amit Jotwani 6 OCT AT 21:39

Monsters unsatiated,
ignorantly created,
now stalking us
like loyal trojan horses.


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