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Joined 11 December 2016
Amit Jotwani AN HOUR AGO

The roses
fringing our home
lost their colour
in last night's downpour.

A pale pallor describes them now.

An omen
of something drastic
about to occur
or just a visual comment
on the vibrancy
deserting our union?

Either way,
I have a bad feeling
on this one.

Has our 'we' become
a redundant rose?


The petals of Unlove.
#RedundantRose #Unlove #yqbaba

Amit Jotwani 8 HOURS AGO

My verse is not original.

Derived it is,
from the love
in a stranger's eyes.

Or from the stranger
in a lover's eyes.

more of the latter.


I perceive distance in your gaze.
#love #Unlove #yqbaba

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Amit Jotwani 22 HOURS AGO

Daily mundane tasks
designed to kill life.


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Amit Jotwani 15 JUL AT 14:16

in the yearn
of Eric Clapton's
'Wonderful Tonight'.

A song soaked
in longing,
with the idea of you.


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Amit Jotwani 15 JUL AT 11:01

I take my pain
with a pinch of lime,
two lines of rhyme,
fleeting in terms of time,
dipped in love sublime.

I add ice
for the photogenic Insta story.


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Amit Jotwani 13 JUL AT 10:36

is usually measured
in the unit of

We have travelled far.

Very far.


The Loud Silence.
#distance #silence #Unlove #yqbaba

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Amit Jotwani 12 JUL AT 17:54

A carpet
of embroidered dreams
awaits on the shore
where the pearls
of time dwell
in unopened shells
of possibilities.

But the tide is fickle.


Will my dreams survive?
#dreams #yqbaba

Amit Jotwani 11 JUL AT 19:06

The escaping teardrop
a regretful rivulet
that offers condolences
to the unhappy henna
fading away
into an undignified

The silent clock
of discontent
ticks away,
love's promised brew
of bliss
now recognized as
a successful marketing gimmick.


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Amit Jotwani 11 JUL AT 12:24

at the altar
where I shed
my ego.


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Amit Jotwani 10 JUL AT 23:18

Our love,
an unseamed song,
my words
in tender tandem
to your melody,
impeccably languid,
bringing a smile
with its easy memory.


Find your song.
#love #yqbaba


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