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Unfathomed Liberal Words 22 AUG 2017 AT 8:02

that road
amid the chaotic
bushes of melancholy
my soul experienced the
divine sublimity where the
••••negative shaft of light••••
denaturize into the magnificent
Godly rays of irenic positivity
and where all strains of the
hopelessly horrid world
lurch into a


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Priya Aiyar🌸 22 FEB 2018 AT 19:28


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Priya Aiyar🌸 28 MAY 2018 AT 11:30

An ode to Spiritual Master

For the conditioned souls

You're the Messiah...

You unify us in thoughts and

Teach us compassion towards other beings!

(Please read the caption for poem)


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Priya Aiyar🌸 11 JUN 2018 AT 9:48

While it's alright to have possessions,
One must not attach pride to it
When pride gets attached to possessions,
Happiness turns into a state of misery!

Read caption for poem...


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Priya Aiyar🌸 2 AUG 2018 AT 8:20

Sita's abduction by Ravana in the garb of a saint is a lesson. No matter how saintly someone may appear on the outside, one must draw a line of restraint that doesn't allow others to step in and misbehave.


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Namah 🧡 💎 23 OCT 2018 AT 1:21

Pleasing your lower self,Material desire gives you temporary & illusionary
pleasure attached with sufferings
you may get sooner or later.

But devoting your life in higher self,towardspiritual paths
...never ever gives you
misery & sufferings
always gives permanent
&divine pleasure💖 to ur
Pious soul. 💝


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Priya Aiyar🌸 15 SEP 2018 AT 18:00

A lost soul in quest of self realization..
Moving from one spiritual school to another..
Finding all of them misleading one way or the other..
Eternal truth remains a mystery forever...


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Priya Aiyar🌸 6 MAR 2018 AT 6:03

न तो वो अंधा है न गूंगा न बहरा,
उसको सब कुछ है दिखाई देता
चुपचाप कर लो अपनी सेवा
बिना किए कोई शोर शराबा
केवल खुद के बड़प्पन का
बंद करो ये झूठा दिखावा !!!


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Priya Aiyar🌸 15 MAR 2018 AT 5:18

The discourse of ethereal
Though tenacious yet surreal
Believed to be fathomed
The reality that's subliminal..

The very unrealistic aspect
Of verisimilitude we expect
The duality we experience
Is rooted in the subconscious..

The veracity of all nuance
Must unmask knowledge sabotaged
To restore all that's jeopardized
To the grievous peril of mankind..


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Namah 🧡 💎 13 NOV 2018 AT 10:18

As net force acting on same body is always zero. So,We can't lift our body by ourself.similarly,in this material world,having material body with material conciousness we can't lift us from all miseries,sufferings and all that by self.so,for being conscious about all illusion,miseries,sufferings to uplift ourself and to know about your Aim of birth as a human being you need another higher support(force). That is,we need support &blessings of our supreme soul(God). So,be conscious toward spiritual services.💛🍃💛🍃


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