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Nitika Pandey 2 HOURS AGO

Azure sky........
With amber eyes...
Silent mind.....
Wrapping lies.....
Seeking perfect.... wine.....
For my heart... poetry....
Become my appetite....

~nikeal.... ♥


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Mariyam khan 6 HOURS AGO

When everyone is trying to be a RAINBOW in someone's cloud... I am trying to create my own SKY


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Vishakha Maheshwari 8 HOURS AGO

Sugar is just sweet
but when it's in cotton candy,
It's a bliss.!

Clouds are just beautiful
but when they look this fluffy,
I need a cotton candy.!!


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Paresh 10 HOURS AGO

As Stars twinkle in the lap of far sky
You come and delighte me,
Again just vanish within it with 'bye'
With immense anxiety for thee .


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Poorvaja Jain 14 HOURS AGO

Sky is a face .
The Sun and Moon, two different eyes.
Clouds like the veins ,
Carrying vapour around.
Even sky has all these marks , oh you call them pretty , twinkling stars .
Trees form its beard,
Aves act as the mouth ,
And , sky has too many faces , black , blue , orange, sometimes even rainbow,
But it's fine , as there are many you's too.
Sky is a Coral-Cactus , too.
Sky is a face, always with you.


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Damini Narayan Singh YESTERDAY AT 1:41

कौन हो तुम
और बस
जिंदगी आखिरी बार गुजरी थी🌠
मौत से होकर✍ #/💚


Kanav Justa YESTERDAY AT 19:58

He plucked the seeds of love
From his heart and dug them deep
Beneath the turf , in the finest soil
Where worms like moon slowly moved
Caressing them with their warmth

And the water from the nearby brook
Fed the seeds when the land dried
And iron fence made sure
Noone near the bough could tread

But a breeze of sorrow ran through his bough
And seeds of dreams that he buried beneath
was turned now into a graveyard
now lying over their dead graves
He gazes at the wandering stars
As if he could see through the turf
All his dreams echoing in the nightsky



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