I wanted to unleash my powers
and show the world what
I am capable of.
I Never give up
And YOU Never win




The ringmaster stood aghast, clutching the papers in his hand. It was all over. No one was going to help him this time. His circus, his life's accomplishment, was going to dissolve before his eyes. So much of rigorous training sessions, so many sleepless nights... All were in vain. Nothing could revive the dwindling interest of today's youth in circus shows. His employees were going to go their separate ways. No one would ever ask of him. He would be left behind, like an old piece of antique furniture, gathering dust and neglect. The ringmaster sighed and retired to his tent, his hopes shattered. A certain chill settled in and around the enclosure. The animals sensed something, their tense postures signalling their wariness. Shera the tiger limped out of her cramped wooden crate to the middle of her enclosure, where a petite black haired woman was standing. "Hey girl... " the girl stroked the beast's furry head. "Don't you worry. I'm here. " The other animals stared wide eyed at the pair. They weren't used to such affection from the humans. Shera's limp was ample proof of that. Or the macaw's clipped feathers. Or the deep gashes on Gannu the elephant's back. The girl's pretty face hardened at the pathetic sight. She turned her venomous glance towards the colourful tent that housed the ringmaster. He had left the whip outside. The next morning, as the municipal authorities came to evacuate the circus premises, they found a very catatonic ringmaster blabbering incoherent things, his clothes in tatters and prominent lash marks on his back. "Really, Karma? Now you work for PETA? " Maaya sneered. Karma flipped her dark hair, a mischievous grin on her face. "Show's over. " #stopanimalabuse #show #circus #careforall #karmathevigilante #sheknows If you think you'll kick that stray dog on your way to work and get away with it, you're wrong. She will be watching you, and when she makes you pay, you won't like it.

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