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Jayesh Vyas 8 HOURS AGO

दर्द को सजा कर पेश करना पड़ता है ,
यूं ही नहीं लोग हमें पढ़ा करते है ।


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Pruthvisena Reddy 7 DEC AT 23:14

Magic is for Show, not in Real Life. But somewhere in Time Life is a show, filled with full of Magics.


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Priyansh Malviya 4 DEC AT 18:10

Life is a show
People will come
People will go!!
Don't feel so slow
One day you will definitely grow!!
So go with the flow to glow!!!


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Hari Priya 3 DEC AT 3:06

Someone ask me,"If you know that facing person is doing show-off.Why don't you move away?"
I replied,"Because I want to convince him to throw out the rest part so that I can stop him reveiwing his old ones next time."
I fully hate show-off type persons.


Bestdps Of AP&ta 30 NOV AT 20:24

When the time comes show your self and they will know value of you at the time they know about you😎


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