Do you miss me?
If missing you means
I want to talk to you 
or I want to meet you 
then I don't miss you at all.
But if missing you is thinking of you,
 I miss you all the time.



A sailor's dream

I sat beside the fireplace, starting into nothingness 
Drinking a bottle of rum to ease the pain;
The subtle idea of sailing gave me the feels
But no longer could I do that, except feel the rain.

The disarmed shoulder and wrinkly face defied my abilities to sail
My days were monotonous and heart, griefstricken;
Not a moment further could I entangle myself in the clutches of physical pain
Picking myself up, I had no choice but to unveil the boat, flea bitten.

Today at 85, I am still kicking and peddling
Rowing through the inlands and brushing by the rocks;
Just a happy and contended soul, reminiscing
The days of bliss and sea grandeur.

And through all the ups and downs
The 4 nostalgic lines always soften the heart;
'Fifteen men on the dead man's chest
Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum;
Drink and the devil has done the rest
Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum.'

From which book are the 4 lines? #sailor#yqbaba#yqdidi#SJquotes#randomthoughts#sea