Today i saw most beautiful girl in the world.
*With her boyfriend :'
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Today i met most beautiful women of my life My almighty god is in my praise. Oh my heart its 2 × its rate Oh lord .... Her eyes are love Her voice is love Her talks are love She is not looking less than an angel so so fair I can't get her off my shinning eyes. I was stealing every moment .. it was nice It was first time in the summer the wind was blowing so cold. Yeah!! It was cold (the other cold) when he catch up .... (You know who). . . This is no more a quote or a poem .It's a feeling. I feel fucked .....then i push off .. I remember ryan tedder once singing "Who do you think you are? Dreaming 'bout being a big star" And ed sheeran too "Where our eyes are never closing Hearts were never broken And time's forever frozen still" #YQbaba#love#bf#gf#pain#beautiful#she#yqdidi#novice#quote#feeling#qotd