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#promisedayspecial quotes

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Titly 🦋 11 FEB AT 10:58


Dear someone, 😘
Hum tumhe chod kar
Kabhi nhi jayenge
Bcoz without u hum
G nhi payenge


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Shivangi Goswami 10 FEB 2018 AT 19:44

She ask me what is your biggest dream in life
I just simply reply ...
I want my dad to say ...
my daughter you are just like me just just like me....


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Sahil Bhardwaj 11 FEB 2018 AT 16:02

I promise you sweetheart
I'll love you and will stay with you for ever,
I'll do anything and everything
to keep you safe,and smiling for ever...

I promise you sweetheart
I'll give you the hugs that only you need
I'll respect you and will protect you
as long as I will live, I'll love you indeed...

I promise you sweetheart
I'll give you the kisses, so sweet
that will remain in your taste for ever,
I'll bring all the happiness for you
and will fullfil all your desires for ever...

I promise you sweetheart
I'll never hurt you and will make you fearless
I'll give up everything to see your eyes
always dreaming and becoming tearless...

(Read caption 💙)


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tanya arora 11 FEB AT 23:00

"ROSE Day" to chla gya.
Zindagi se "FOOL Day" khatam hi nahi ho rha..


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The Beatific Writer 11 FEB AT 18:18



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Yq Gudiya👩 11 FEB AT 17:30

वादा है मेरा जो भी किया है निभाऊँगी ,
ख़ुद से या किसी और से न डगमगाऊँंगी।
हर मुश्किलात से मुझे लड़ना भी आता है,
सामने तूफ़ान हो फ़िर भी गुज़र जाऊँगी ।


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Aly ShAn 11 FEB 2018 AT 14:20

Promises are
worse than lies..
Cause you make them hope,
hope for something that
you're not sure u can give..


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Aman Srivastava 11 FEB AT 17:23

love exists..
lovers Don't...
promiser exist...
promises Don't...


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Simran Dhawale 11 FEB AT 15:27

I wish people really knew
The true value of Promise,

Then one would think twice
Before making them
Or breaking them...


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Payal Dutta 11 FEB 2018 AT 18:33

Prom-ise behtar hota, agar tum hote.


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