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aakash vishnoi
8 FEB AT 18:59

Am not waiting for the rose day......
Am not waiting for the propose day
Am not waiting for the day, called valentine....!
Let people be fake more and more this time....
But am not waiting for such a day called, valentine....!
True love doesn't need to show off..
Fake love can't survive without show off....!
Let people celebrate the fake love and life...
But poet will never wait for the day, called valentine.....!



Jatin Aswal
11 FEB AT 11:13

"Honey, Today is promise day. And I promise I will continue loving you the way I have been doing," she said.
"What? I can't understand. Where are your teeth?" he asked.
The 92-year-old young lady, started searching for her teeth.
And when she found them, she continued
"It's Valentine Week. And I am saying that I am making a promise to you."
She repeated the promise which she made minutes ago.
"But we hardly have time," her 94-year-old young husband replied.
"That doesn't matter. We have been making this promise on every promise day for the past 67 years. And I just don't wanna break it."

The couple hugged each other. They had their own way of celebrating promise day.


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Shikha Malik
4 FEB AT 19:29

जो वादा 'हमेशा साथ रहने का' तेरी मोहब्बत न निभा सकी
वो वादा तेरी यादों ने बखूब निभाया..


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Sahil Bhardwaj
11 FEB AT 16:02

I promise you sweetheart
I'll love you and will stay with you for ever,
I'll do anything and everything
to keep you safe,and smiling for ever...

I promise you sweetheart
I'll give you the hugs that only you need
I'll respect you and will protect you
as long as I will live, I'll love you indeed...

I promise you sweetheart
I'll give you the kisses, so sweet
that will remain in your taste for ever,
I'll bring all the happiness for you
and will fullfil all your desires for ever...

I promise you sweetheart
I'll never hurt you and will make you fearless
I'll give up everything to see your eyes
always dreaming and becoming tearless...

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Sahil Bhardwaj
19 MAY AT 15:39

My love
I promise
to give you my shoulder to lean on
when you'll feel it,
to give a hand to guide your way
when you'll need it...

My love
I promise
to give you laughter and joy
when you'll sensate it,
to give you my sath, my loyalty
when you'll expect it...

My love
I promise
to give you a hug, a tight hug
when you'll crave it,
to give you a kiss on your forehead
when you'll love it...

My love
I promise
to give you a whisper of all is well
when you'll seek it,
to give you a hope of new morning
when you'll lack it...


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Aditi Rathore
6 JAN AT 12:43

Promise me that
you will never leave me.No
matter what happens you
will always love me. There
will be times when our
love will be tested. But
I will forget all the
worries , when
you will say
you love

- Shalini


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