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Mehraan Bhat 13 HOURS AGO

Yes, I could feel it....
When she wasn't around
I could see her,
When I was alone
she was there in me..
To walk with me to talk
all the time...
She was special, I
wish I could retain her
With in me all the
way this long journey....


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Belal Quraishi 13 HOURS AGO

Yes I felt a presence...
Presence of something beautiful.
Presence of someone so strong that
even with so much adversities has
courage to stay strong...
U say u feel a pain .
But I feel those are the wounds
of a fighter.
Fighter which you are..
Innocent by heart but
courageous by soul.
Soft by nature but tough
by your thinking and mind..
I can see that angel tired
of fighting waiting for
a chance to escape..
She needs rest..
Rest from the harshness of life.
She thinks she has lost but sorry.
She's the ultimate winner..
That's not the pain u feel
those are the scars you have earned.
Be proud don't be down.

As I'll always feel
presence of you in you
which you are trying hard to hide...


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Shweta Saxena 14 HOURS AGO

Sailor boated,
till the Departure.
Sailor loved its grace......
Intervals emulsified,
The flow of Waves......
Sailor jumped,
drowned in Bay......


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Tiyziys Bandiya 15 HOURS AGO

[Keys to success]
3rd- Presence Of Mind
(4th will be uploaded soon)
Presence Of Mind
What is it?
It is all about your brain, How speed it is, how wisely it works, The higher your skill improves the lesser time it'll take by choosing the right option!
How to get it?
Try to read more and more books, fiction + thriller is mostly recommended, See TV Serials related to crimes, Right the case and study on it and try to catch the criminal before the Cast does! Do thrilling books and choose wisely!
Any disadvantages?
As usual Yes, Because of doing it speeder some people lose the skill of choosing wisely, And it leads to a big lose! Due to Lack of the 4th key it happens!


Mohini Malipeddi 17 HOURS AGO

Infinite waves of emotions
R travelling between u n me
Two different corners of
The vast universe
Still bound together by
These waves that hold
Together u n me


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Fatima Anwar 17 HOURS AGO

You say you felt a presence,
I turned around to see what it was.
Trying to search the object
that caught you unguarded.
What it was that
you were so hard to figure out?
Was it so special that you felt it,
even if it isn't in front of you?
Was she so special that
all you felt was her presence?
But when I looked inside,
I only sensed an absence,
a vague pain.


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