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Akshya Bhatt 6 HOURS AGO

Dear Brother,

One who is always by my side,
With whom I can conquer the darkest of nights,
One who is the perfect creation of divine,
With the essence of mother, father, sister, one of a kind.
You don't show anything,
But your eyes reveal everything,
From caring to fighting all it goes,
Drenched with pure love of our bond.
My heart is joyous like a small little child,
And mind taken away to a peaceful site,
Nothing is wrong, nothing is right,
When we are together laughing so tight.
Harder it gets when it's time to leave,
Everything changes like it was a dream,
My eyes are dry with a fake smile so wide,
With heart sobbing when I say "Goodbye".


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Vani Mehra 7 HOURS AGO

Hum kisi se khushiya maange
Yeh hume manzoor nhi ..
Maangi hui khushiyo se
Kiska bhlla hota hai ..
Jitna apni taqdeer mai likha hai ..
Wo zaroor adda hota hai ..


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Sadhana Narvekar 10 DEC AT 9:11

The story of two hearts which meant to be forever.

Though they share the blood of relatives but they are not brothers and sisters.
Though they share each and every think to each other they are not friends or best friends.
Though they share love and care towards each other they are not lover.

But they are sharing the bond which is unbreakable, precious organ of the body that is HEART.
No one can break it until and unless that precious has stopped from functioning it.


Rishita Prasad 6 DEC AT 12:21

My Mother : One of a kind

My mother is like moon,
Bright and clear.
Her love is like moonlight,
which turns harsh things to beauty.

She is calm,colourless with a dim lustre,
like the late winter's moon.
She revolves around me,
as moon revolves around earth.

She is the brightest star
of my darkest night,
Sunlight of my clouded sky.


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Angel Ria 5 DEC AT 22:08

Seekha maine yeh waqt se hai ki sbka waqt ata hai waqt waqt ki bat hai saheb kbhi pani ka koi mol nahi kbhi wahi amrit ban jata hai .


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Ketan Kumar Agrawalla 5 DEC AT 20:42

At last we all will realize the things we undergone in life were really had no value and what we didn't do are precious


Harishma Arivazhagan 4 DEC AT 21:25

Some people are God's gifts, don't lose them. 💗


#precious people of our lives 💗

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