"A NIGHTMARE"

"Breathing slowly and deeply,
I went into sleep.
Unaware of the danger,
That was waiting besides.
As the clock struck three,
I heard a whisper of someone near me.
Gathering my power to ignore all these signs,
I heard a growling whine.
I can't remember what happened next,
I covered my ears and tried to sleep,
But the fear was growing inside me deep.
And when I opened my eyes,
The morning was unboxing before me.
I still don't know if it was just a nightmare 
or a scary reality."

#nightmare#reality#don't know



Oh! Here he comes again. Hush. Hush. Kids. Don't move, just stay behind me. "Mom, what's wrong with daddy?" He's just playing, honey. He is. Is he? He, the butcher; With a knife in his hand, Calling out my name in a Sneaky loud musky tone, "I can hear you breathe." You can't hide behind The closet for long. His footsteps growing Louder and louder And everytime I clutch A part of my breath in my fist It stumbles upon my feet And Jade, the little one Couldn't resist. "I'm scared, Momma" So am I. So am I. I pick him up in my arms, His head buried in my shoulders Sweaty, smoky dark room; When something hits my feet. The knife, is it? I can't move. Oh it bleeds. It holds me still. My other hand lands Little down my waist On Julia's head, slowly Reaching her pale face, Wiping the tears rolling down Her pink cheeks. Hush! Julia. I can barely say. The door screeches and tears Roll down my pale cheeks. For God's sake, John. Stop it please. In the dark room, that is. I can hear him grin. He grabs Jade, and I stand still. I wipe blood off my face Or tears instead? The knife in his hands. Red with Jade. Julia is safe. Julia is safe. Hiding behind me. The sharp edge penetrates my Soft skin. Oh! It's all dark. Darker. And nothing is all I feel. Just like every other day, I feverishly wake up to soaked sheets. A nightmare that it always is. But tonight for some unknown reason It's not sweat, but blood instead. But tonight for some unknown reason I wipe blood off my face Or tears instead? Knife in my hands. Red with Jade. John's feet is bleeding and his face is pale. Where is Julia? Julia is safe. Julia is safe. Hiding behind me. ________________________________________________________ #yqbaba #nightmare #life #love #demons #dark #poetry #poet