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साज़िश तो अपने
ही करते हैं बेचारे गैरों
से उल्झाने की....

काश कोई अपना
न होता तो गैंरों से
भी मोहब्बत हमें खैरात
मे ही मिल जाती।


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Samiksha singh 7 HOURS AGO

वो जब भी देखता है प्यार से
बस डूब जाने का मन करता है
फिर सम्हालती हूं खुद को, ख्वाब के
टूट जाने से डर लगता है


Samiksha singh 7 HOURS AGO

Har Dard ki dawa Bani hai
To iss Dard ki kyu nahi
Har jakhm ki saza Bani hai
To iss jakhm ki kyu nahi
Khuda bhi sun leta hai
Harr Khwahish ki raza
Harr Khwahish ki raza suni hai
To iss khwahish ki Raza kyu nahi


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Vidya Mahendrakar Aute 13 HOURS AGO

The blueness
is so stillness of sea, these
hues merge waves and freshness
Serene, calm and solitude in company,
deep amidst the water, You wait
wetness, wild and smile. I plundered,
shell of L O V E, unfold it
to find my heart turned
PEARL, drench in


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Yashoda Devrani Jadli 14 HOURS AGO

कर्म करना हमारा काम

खुदा जो चाहे दे इनाम


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Vidya Mahendrakar Aute 19 HOURS AGO

The frosty morning sounds
more warm than freezing,
I wore the shrug of memories
Walking in coldness,

Last winter we had walked
together in same lane,
Wearing different sweats,
merging in same blanket.

Winters are mere reminders
Set fire to chilled breeze,
Does it multiplies
When it touch you?

I elope and get lost
in blanket of memories
comfort, snuggle and
forget to wake up.


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