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YourQuote Baba
14 MAY AT 19:11

Dear Creators,

1. What are the three things you do to motivate yourself?

2. Record a message or write a letter motivating someone who needs it.


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YourQuote Baba
30 JUL AT 7:28

Three things I do
to motivate myself


Use #MondayMotivation and share how you motivate yourself.


Harsh Snehanshu
14 MAY AT 23:17

Some people will hate you for doing what you love. Make sure you don’t love them more.



Mehak Mirza Prabhu
28 MAY AT 11:02

Don't stop yourself from doing things
just because people and society might get upset.
It's not your problem.
They are neither your mummy
nor your tummy.



14 MAY AT 20:51

I generally write about fitness and what motivates me about writing that are as follows

1. Seeing my own father on wheelchair for last 4 years.
2. Every time I visit hospital with him I see people suffering from one or more diseases.
3. I want to be a person who can lift my Papa when he needs support sure dolls can't do that.

Three reasons which changed my life from a doll who was pampered delicate like a feather to a strong daughter who knows if she won't stay strong she might not be able to lift problems.



Rahul Adhikari
4 DEC 2017 AT 15:33

Don't stop when people are jealous.
Don't stop when your parents are satisfied.

Stop only if you have a light heart.


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14 MAY AT 23:29

1. Do all those things that make you happy until it harms someone.

2. Never hesitate to disappoint absurd people as well as few friends are like blessings, they always bring good vibes without even doing anything, expect nothing from them, their presence is enough.

3. Keep a safe distance when losing temper as short tempered ones end up regretting later.
That's how I motivate my inner self everyday.



Utkarsh Sinha
28 MAY AT 14:09

that I am Monday, not "Moan"day


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