Sowmya Peri

Chick from Mech. Designing jet engines earns me my bread and butter. Writing soothes my soul.

Instagram handle: @trystwithtales.
Sowmya Peri 9 FEB AT 19:24

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Nazis rounded up Jews
Locked them in concentration camps
Lined them up in gas chambers
And performed genocide

When I am asking for equal pay
Equal opportunities
No judgement
And right over my own body
How is anything,
Apart from your fragile male ego,
Getting killed?


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Sowmya Peri 7 FEB AT 12:17


Worn chappals have tread more roads than shiny shoes
They turned more rocks to pebbles
More pebbles to dirt
They kiss more dust
Carrying layers of it at once
Each layer painting the scene
Of an alley unknown
Of a person unseen
Of a story unheard
Their soles, more considerate than our souls
Giving refugee to thorns
Even when they turn into more pikes than rubber
Worn chappals have seen more life than shiny shoes
Worn chappals wear
In an eternal hope
To be replaced by shiny shoes


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Can't help falling in love with you-all Cover

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We all talk about the silence before the storm
The eerie stillness before a raging tempest
That blows out cities like birthday candles
But after the wild winds receed
Amidst wailing souls
And broken limbs
In the cradle of destruction
Silence haunts chaos
Silence hides behind the broken trees
And fallen forts
It hides within the soul of every survivor
Weeping for the dead
It hides deep in their hearts
Marrying their grief
It hides behind every howl of pain
Jumping from one pulse of echo
To another
When the wild winds finally leave
Silence rides on the scythe of the Grim Reaper
And hides in plain sight
Because after the storm
Silence hides behind the noises


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Sowmya Peri 26 JAN AT 14:56

A million things I never say
A million reasons why I wanna stay
But baby don't you make me laugh
For a million suns would fade away


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Sowmya Peri 23 JAN AT 23:25

If winter comes, can spring be far behind?

When dead leaves are floating in the air
The West Wind whirling
Stuck in a big man's ode
Never making it outside my window
Never blowing 'em away
Never burying the corpses of autumn

When the clouds are tucked in a deep slumber
Reflecting not a ray of light
When the Earth is freezing
And the core stays warm
Under a blanket of ice

When time snails
Stretching seconds to minutes
And minutes to eons
When everything slows down
Making us wonder if anything is moving
Or all ceased to exist

Tell me Shelley
When winter comes, will spring be far behind?


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Sowmya Peri 18 JAN AT 10:56

Bloody knuckles

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Sowmya Peri 10 JAN AT 21:08

ఉరుములు నీ నవ్వులై

/The thunder being your laughter/

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