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Chick from Mech.
Instagram handle: @trystwithtales.
Joined 9 August 2017

Chick from Mech.
Instagram handle: @trystwithtales.
Joined 9 August 2017
Sowmya Peri 5 APR AT 11:09


Return to the box you left untouched forever
Box full of forgotten years
Categorized by places
By people
By incidents
Underneath the dust of bad memories
And among the litter of trauma
Dig to find the slivers of good times
Collect them like charms
And weave them into a dreamcatcher
Hang them by the window
Where the moonlight filters through it
So that whenever the demons from those dark lanes come back
The nightmares wouldn't keep you awake


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Sowmya Peri 4 APR AT 15:28


Me: An epic monologue about human rights, women rights, LGBTQ rights, existentialism, how if Ant-Man goes up Thanos' behind, expands, and kills him, we won't have Spiderman back.


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Sowmya Peri 3 APR AT 20:59

Not all those who breathe are alive

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Sowmya Peri 31 MAR AT 23:53

Streets you might never walk again

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Sowmya Peri 21 MAR AT 9:44

Aunty ji
Aunty ji
Get up and dance

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Sowmya Peri 8 MAR AT 23:52

Fallen women

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Sowmya Peri 9 FEB AT 19:24

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Sowmya Peri 9 FEB AT 0:55


Nazis rounded up Jews
Locked them in concentration camps
Lined them up in gas chambers
And performed genocide

When I am asking for equal pay
Equal opportunities
No judgement
And right over my own body
How is anything,
Apart from your fragile male ego,
Getting killed?


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Sowmya Peri 7 FEB AT 12:17


Worn chappals have tread more roads than shiny shoes
They turned more rocks to pebbles
More pebbles to dirt
They kiss more dust
Carrying layers of it at once
Each layer painting the scene
Of an alley unknown
Of a person unseen
Of a story unheard
Their soles, more considerate than our souls
Giving refugee to thorns
Even when they turn into more pikes than rubber
Worn chappals have seen more life than shiny shoes
Worn chappals wear
In an eternal hope
To be replaced by shiny shoes


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Sowmya Peri 4 FEB AT 19:47

Can't help falling in love with you-all Cover

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