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Vivek Tiwari 5 DEC AT 15:17

उड़ जाएंगे एक दिन तस्वीर से रंगों की तरह

हम वक्त की टहनी पर बेठे हैं, परिंदों की तरह।


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Rohit Thakur 29 NOV AT 8:18

😏Reality of life🎑
When you🤨 give importance🤗to people they thinks🙆you are always free🙏.
But they don't😉 understand that🐈 you 🤷make yourself☺️ available for them.


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Dasari Priyanka 31 OCT AT 23:33

When someone annoys us and even tests our patience level then we ask them to go away. Then, they don't leave us and act like they care for us the most. Bust the hidden reality is it's another way of prank.


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Dasari Priyanka 31 OCT AT 23:09

He : I Love You

She : Blushed, kept silent

Few days later :

She : I accept your feelings for me. I love you too.

He : Hahaha. Thank God you agreed. I thought I could lose the bet. Anyways Thank you so much n let me tell you one thing clearly that my feelings for you are just a prank. Don't mind. Bye.


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Dasari Priyanka 31 OCT AT 22:57

When someone says " I like You " or
" I love You ", the only thought that flashes on my mind is " Are waah! What a good prank, go try it on someone " cz in this materialistic world, everything has become fake. Donno what to trust and what not to trust.



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