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Soldier saved this Country
Rapists killed his Daughter.

Real incident i read in Facebook in a Crime Patrol Page. He was a from north India. Joined army at 19yrs, at 22 married & a daughter came to their family. He served the country fr 25yrs even in Kargil wat he served.. After that he took V.R. & settled with his family. Family was going smoothly, they thought of marrying daughter soon after her studies. But one day she never came home frm college. Parents gave complaint to police & searching was begun.. Few days went but no information was found but many days later police they were asked to come hospital as they had found a body. Soon they went & it was concluded that it was their daughter, doctor said to police n parents that she was raped fr 5days & her throat was cut n left to death. Culprits were caught & case went fr almost 1yr but in end case was dismissed due to lack of evidence & eyewitness. As many sold them for money & few were threatened abt life. He fought in supreme court for sometime but no result. In the end they both committed suicide & case was closed.😑😑😑 I would say this is a bitch place to live fr majority of women n girls😤😤😤 Ppl nvr worry abt Rape issues untill in india every ministers businessmen sportsmen celebrities policemen lawyers teachers lecturerers Public servants & even public's family female gets Raped 😑 Orelse I don't think Any1 responsible person or bloody cunning ministers care abt Life of WOMEN...🙏🙏🙏 Amn't a person who write quote expecting LIKES & COMMENTS. If U don't like my words just BLOCK Me & get the hell out of my life.👊👊👊👎👎👎😠 Or If Any1 have any problems with this Quote & wanna say something then just be a #MAN enough to say me directly here it's wrong wat i said. Good luck to ring your BELLS 😑 #yqbaba #yqdidi #yqtales #soldier #daughter #rape #injustice