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#lovepoem quotes

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Dhazrath 27 AUG 2017 AT 7:55

""You are my BEER

And I am addicted to you DEAR

I always want you NEAR

So as to wipe your TEAR

And whisper in your EAR

That you've got nothing to FEAR

As long as i am HERE""


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Harsh Snehanshu 9 DEC 2018 AT 17:56

Like a water drop
that slips down from
one of your curls
onto your left foot,
just after you bathe,
I wish to fall —

from you to you.


From you to you. #lovepoem

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Mahender Kumar 9 DEC 2018 AT 0:08

प्रेम 'पर'
कविता नहीं लिखी जा सकती
प्रेम 'में'
कविता लिखी जा सकती है


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Harsh Snehanshu 8 DEC 2018 AT 21:15

My words
last longer
if they are
about you.


Permanent. #lovepoem

For YourQuote Baba’s challenge.

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Anshu Pandey 9 DEC 2018 AT 16:13

you are the reason
that my desires
to escape
to stay.


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Aishwarya Swarup 14 JUL 2017 AT 0:43

My brain
took a day off
and my heart
started weighing
love and logic.

the scale with
no love
was heavier than
the scale with
a lot of logic.


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Aishwarya Swarup 10 JUL 2017 AT 8:11

last night,
the stars
were low
in my sky.

I plucked them,
one at a time
to place them
in yours.

they kept falling
making a silhouette
your sleeping figure.

after all, my stars know
who I look up to.


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Ritwika Rani 11 DEC 2018 AT 22:26

I am a total mess.
As messy as it can get.
Non aligned, non orderly.
Wild, whirly, fluid, free, chaotic, cluttered.

He, a blank space.
Containing a universe yet blank.
All absorbing, all coherent.
Calm, composed, solid, set, organized, open.

I know no possession, he only embraces.

I think it's a match.


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Rishita Gupta 10 DEC 2018 AT 0:14

A midnight foreplay
of wine and words,
seems seductive.

Your whispers
trickling down
my pinna,
would moist
my neck.

Yet your
warmth would ripple
shivers across my
bare bones.


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Shaljami Ayesha Ahmed 9 DEC 2018 AT 16:27

You held my hand,
Wiped away my tears.

Your surprise visits,
Your terrible jokes,
Made me laugh the hardest.

As I snuggle in your sweater,
While you cook for me,

I smile and wonder,
When did it happen?

You grew on me!


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