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Collins Wetsah 11 HOURS AGO

Am I too Bitter, greedy
To asked for your love?
I asked myself,
Every questions I can think of.
What?why? how?...
Placing my head on my knees
I let the irrational tears falls unrestrained.
I'm crying over-
The loss of something I never had
Or was mine.
How ridiculous am I?
Crying over something that was-
Never my dashed hopes, dreams and
My soured expectations
Now I'm trying to block the voices inside my head.
To let it be and move on.


Sanjana Kumar YESTERDAY AT 23:42

Yes, I'd heard the question.
I remember the colour of
your shirt in those
monochrome photographs.
I never answered you.

You never removed the dirt
layer on the leaves, anyway.
I was busy rubbing it off my
It's early winter; no rains.
You've got to keep your plants


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Simmi Singh YESTERDAY AT 23:32

My world was a perfect rectangle.
You on the other side of it. And,
we collided somewhere in between.
Behind the screens. My mornings
weaved star studded blanket for
you to sleep under. You would
sing 'Sky full of stars' and make
me wonder if we were nothing
but two 'lost stars', trying to find
a way back home, a home in each
other. You blew good night kisses
at my dizzy mornings. Your kisses
travelled time zones only to paint
my world in a wondrous web of
colours I woke up to every morning.
It looked no less than a mordern art,
a beautiful mess, basking in yellow
blush. How artfully the good old
Nokia Lumia connected the two of us.


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Asfa Mobin YESTERDAY AT 23:11

To speak, or not to speak.
That is the question.
But then, I wonder,
what bribe should I
offer my curfewed lips
to relax the restless inmates
of my heart?
And even if that military silence of mine
does lift the curfew,
will my lips go off the edge
to speak the history of my raw,unedited,formless,
bleeding days and nights lying nameless
in its drafts?
Will you then,my love,
catch my falling history
and consider publishing it
in the volumes of your heart?
But either way, there will be killings.
Of fear,or of courage.

To riot, or not to riot.
That remains the question.


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Ritwika Rani YESTERDAY AT 22:26

I am a total mess.
As messy as it can get.
Non aligned, non orderly.
Wild, whirly, fluid, free, chaotic, cluttered.

He, a blank space.
Containing a universe yet blank.
All absorbing, all coherent.
Calm, composed, solid, set, organized, open.

I know no possession, he only embraces.

I think it's a match.


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Pallavi Pinge YESTERDAY AT 22:03

There are things I need
When I’m deprived I bleed
In such times I suffer
Why don’t you understand, you duffer!


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