I flit through the faces of people
I have been with
like pages of a book:
words written, gripping plots,
lucid letters that flutter 
in front of my memory.

You stand out.
I look at a sentence
that is you and can't help
but read on:
oh, what a masterpiece!

I wish I had read you
when you were a part of my library,
a part of me.

An Unfinished Novel. #love #loss Try out the new artworks by Lava Adam in the wallpaper store.


She can be your Late Night Dream, igniting the desire in you to dream beyond your knowledge. You may take your endless unknown journey towards nothingness but it will fetch you that infinite peace.
Promises can't be made to remove your scars, yet her oddities would mystically heal your deceased soul....
May be her Words
Her ringing laughter
Or may be your courage to sail through the ocean of eternity and Hope....
....do not stop Dreaming

Letter to the one soul who left, having no courage! #Loss #yqbaba