I feel so stucked,
In this loop of love.

My life is full of its and buts Sometimes I'm like freaking nuts I always feel like so much stucked In this mysteries loop of love. I used to have something Something really amazing That was nothing Nothing but my innocent heart Who loved everyone Who had fallen apart. I literally build up castles in the air Haven't found yet the staircase which would lead me there You may feel like they are my stupid thoughts They aren't an illusion infact they have a basic plot. I wonder what's up next After sending those silly texts Which I'm unable to delete They showcased my heart's heat. I should have been more careful For people love is something really playful They achieve one target And then unlock the level up next The one really dangerous Turn out to be a bit too scandalous Leaves you forever alone In deep sea where you can only drown. . . #yqbaba #yopowrimo #loopoflove

26 JUN 2017 AT 13:06