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#heart quotes

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Arunima Gupta 26 MAY 2017 AT 18:24

Mama, we don't shine in the day
Because our radium hearts
Can only glow in the dark.

(Full poem in the caption)


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Poovendhiran Mohanan 6 JAN 2018 AT 23:31

She was an ocean,
Her eyes, a deep blue sea,
Hair, a long curvy beach,
Laughter, the waves sound,
Heart, deafening silence as the deep sea,
And her anger, a roaring Tsunami.

He was just a small boat,
Lost in her.


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Visswanath SG SG 5 OCT 2017 AT 22:46

I'm a Dustbin.
I have only memories that
SHE left for me ...


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Debarpita Mohanty 10 AUG 2017 AT 20:37

It hurts. It rips your heart out. Blows your mind. Wrecks your nerve. Makes you believe that there's nothing left. You tell yourself, time heals everything. But the heart which has been crushed and chopped into several uneven pieces knows that time is just a sugarcoated myth. An excuse. And this time, like every time, time will fail. Then one day, even after countless eternities, when you will linger your fingers upon that ironically mended heart of yours, you will still find scars, rough and ugly, enough to reminisce and relive that pain.


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Arun Prakash Singh 9 JUL 2017 AT 12:45

समाज की धूप आज चुभ रही है इस चमड़ी के भीतर,
ऊपर तो छलनी है जिस्म कुछ ज़बाँ के सवालों से।


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Sahani Baleshwar 3 AUG 2018 AT 15:26

Every heart sings a song
late at night.
Some dare to write ,
while some bleed
through their eyes.

I don't know who am I
but when tears are in my eyes
I know l'm still alive
to write
what is burning me inside.


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Jhelum Anikhindi 24 MAY 2017 AT 5:13

Guarded the weak
heart against worlds.
Betrayal was always
closer to home
than I thought.


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Jatin Aswal 7 JUN 2018 AT 20:22

Everyone glared at my burning cigarette,

no one cared about my heart.


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umar farook 19 MAR 2017 AT 15:17

A love strong enough to get into my heart.
A lie sharp enough to rip it apart.

Kirti Jain & Umar Farook


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Supriya Mishra 25 NOV 2018 AT 13:30

अपनी ही एक ग़ज़ल से कुछ यूँ ख़फ़ा हूँ मैं
ज़िक्र था जिस बेवफ़ा का, वही बेवफ़ा हूँ मैं


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