The stench of life.        
The aroma of death.  
The soul inhaled.  
As the garrote,   
The living cadaver's
Last breath…


22 JUN AT 9:33

Guilt; a delicate stigma of remorse that differentiates humans from animals. The phobia of guilt is hardwired in hospitable humans that they refrain from pursuing an immoral road. Relationships hoist the most relevant guilt. An elder, having treaded through all the music of life, gazing at a vintage photo of her deceased partner, feels the most intolerable guilt as she gulps down the possibility of that argument she could have avoided, his quiet patience all those years, her meaningless tantrums, his warm touch, her wrathful words and his kind eyes browsing through her sinful spirit. They become more susceptible to illness and death when they wander through the guilty lonesome corridors of their broken relationships.

Guilt Readers, I am really sorry that I wasn't active since the past 2 days. I'll get back to your quotes and reply to each of your past comments soon. Again, sorry for the challenges and the expectations that I was tagged by several members here. I'll get back to it soon. Thank you Abhisikta Chakraborty for asking me to write a quote with the word 'death' in it. I hope I did justice to your expectations. Ambience : Chirps of early birds. Audio : Chirps of early birds. State : Sleepy. Dedication : deepti shakya this quote belongs to you. You are one of those girls who'll always be cherished and loved by a very lucky man. Thank you for being such a generous person towards me throughout my journey here. Thank you for jumping from one comment to another and pressing the love icon. No words can represent your kindness towards me. PS : Inspired from the upcoming debut novel from my side. Image Source : Twitter Image Insight : The dynamic thoughts of a living person embracing the memories of a demised partner. Splashing waves represent the thoughts while the inert shore represent the departed person. Occasionally, the thoughts do manage to invade deeper into the shore, drenching the legs of a kid who cracks an alluring smile. Note : To the girl who keeps on poking me to write. Happy now? Stigma : An imprint. #YQbaba #music #challenge #death #yq #yourquote #quote #smile #guilt #life #love #firescar #relationship #emotional #remorse #elder #broken #lonely

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