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#girls quotes

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Arunima Gupta 26 MAY 2017 AT 18:24

Mama, we don't shine in the day
Because our radium hearts
Can only glow in the dark.

(Full poem in the caption)


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Nick Oberoi 18 APR AT 2:54

Sometimes hatred has even more hangover than the love of a girl!


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Aranga Rajeeswar 8 DEC 2017 AT 18:07

The problem with some girls is that
They fall in love with the last benchers Friendzone the middle benchers
Marry the first benchers
And complain guys are so mean😒


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Romantic desire 29 MAR AT 9:33

I am a girl
Not a toy.....
(Full piece in caption)


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#RhidamKapoor 28 MAR AT 23:51

If she has to whisper about her pain,
then for us its a matter of shame...
(....... caption)


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Harshit Gupta 16 JUL 2017 AT 15:12

They say, ' Don't judge a book by its cover. '
But now they say 'Cover yourself, or people will judge.'


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MahaMrityunjay Gautam 29 DEC 2018 AT 10:15

बेटियाँ भी बाप के आँखों में, छुपे ख़्वाब पहचानती हैं।
फिर भी न जाने दुनिया, उन्हें ही क्यों पराया मानती है।।


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Electricks 25 JUL 2018 AT 20:14

Boy: मैं बाकी लड़कों जैसा नहीं हूं..😖😟

Me: तो भाई इलाज करवा ले अपना..😜😝😂😂


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Shivangi Shankar 21 NOV 2018 AT 19:50

To guardians of the menarcheal child
(Parents, siblings, friends of girls getting their first period)


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Live_ur_lyf_ in_ur_own_way 10 JUN 2018 AT 11:37

Chattering Ladies:In street
A girl talking on phone📞:on terrace of house..
1st woman:See that girl busy on phone.. whenever I see she 's either out in market or busy on phone.📞..
2nd woman : I too yesterday heard her conversation & I came 2 know she has a male friend who is married ..& his wife don't know about their relationship. ..as that girl was saying if ur wife came 2 know then what will happen..
3rd woman: yeah..see the character of girl talking 2 male friend who's married..
Ladies conclusion :Girl's character is not gud...the character of girl is stained here...
In reality girl was not in relation wdh that man that was just friendship..but ladies thought they r in relation..
And then girl decided 2 leave that friend becoz of this judgment of people.. So she says that man that she can't talk ..
And then the girl was considered attitude types..as she said no 2 that man(her malefriend)...
Conclusion by man:girl is narrowminded, boastful & full of attitude..


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