After he left,all she could rely on was his old gift, a box of pens

Finally she found a way to be with him even after his death

But never she knew that those mighty PENS  could bring out the world class novelist



Mere Gunah Ko Maaf Kar De Data, 
Dekha Hai Tujhe Hi Sabko Sab kuch Dete Hue Aksar...
Sab Dete To Hai Par Kabhi Na Kabhi Jata Dete Hai,
Bas Ek Tu Hi Hai Jo Sab Deta Hai Aur Kabhi Na Apna Na Pta Deta Hai...




When you left me, I fell in love with myself all over again and that was your best gift for me.

(Continued in Caption)

GIFT “Someone I loved once gave me a box full of darkness. It took me years to understand that this too, was a gift.” ― Mary Oliver So days went by in a blur and I successfully survived a year without you. Last year on 16th of January we parted ways with promises to meet up as soon as we could. There was a time when I couldn’t stay a week without meeting you and here I am not having seen or touched you for one full year. The rest of my life will pass too. When you left me I learnt to take care of myself and value myself. I realized that I am whole and complete on my own. I began to manage all my chores on my own. I booked my flight tickets with discounted rates and did my taxes by myself. When negative thoughts crossed my mind I had to pull myself up because I no longer had the option of calling you and throwing my broken self to your arms. I got used to not receiving good morning texts and still smiled looking at the rising sun thinking to myself what a beautiful day laid ahead of me. I no longer woke up on Saturdays early because I knew no one was waiting beneath my house and it felt just fine. So many times I wanted to tell you about my day but I kept myself busy with something as simple as making tea. Valentine’s, birthdays, festivals were celebrated without you. I was no longer bothered about what gift to get for you or what food to cook for you. I found solace with my friends and family, in pursuing my hobbies. Sights, sounds, places, smells, people, food, things reminded me of you but I waded on. You had brought music back into my life, perhaps the second best gift you gave me. There were good days, I laughed pretty loud, I feasted, I danced, I sang, I dated and I kissed. There were bad days; I missed you so much you were always on my mind. One fine day I came to terms with the fact that although I found my soul mate in you, you didn’t. When you left me I fell in love with myself all over again and that was your best gift for me. #gift #letter #love #breakup #selflove #yqbaba #yqpostman #yourquote


Your limitations
Your circumstances 

They shape 

Accept everything. Just surrender for sometime. Let the life flow. Let it be. Don't resist. Things will fall in place. Even don't judge. Because universe is guiding you, to your purpose, to your place, and to your gifts. #purpose #yqbaba #yqtales #truelyr #gift #accepted #life #universe


Peace is the most expensive
 beautiful gift from the God,
 if you have peaceful things
 in your mind, then you can
 feel more confident with
 a glossy look.

Happiness and peace also come through simple things you love, such as reading a good book, being with friends you love, traveling, or a hobby. You can enjoy many moments of peace every day, when you do small, simple things you love. #peace #beautiful #gift #god #life #yqbaba #yourquote #yqtales