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Upasana Gupta 24 NOV 2017 AT 5:17

When You Don't Feel Like

Getting Up For The Day Ahead,

Just Remember,

Staying in Bed

Will Bring Another Night.


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Aditya Mishra 9 AUG 2017 AT 18:50

Once I met a Nightingale of different type
She had mutilated wings and couldn't fly
But still sang the same old lullaby

I asked her " how come you are so contented"
She replied "happiness isn't discovered sir ,its invented"
"even ducks can't fly. " she added.


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Tina Singh 11 APR 2018 AT 22:04

Going through a bad day?
Just wipe your tears away..!
Get up, Smile, Be strong girl!
It's time to shine like a pearl!!


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Chetan Patel 15 JUL 2018 AT 17:30

You are getting old when
You believe that,
You will not be able to flow like river,
You will not be able to turn the direction of wind,
You will not have feelings for anyone,
You will not be able to face the storm
You will not try to get up after falling,
So be careful with your will power to stay young ... forever...🌷


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Pranav Bhosale 11 MAY 2018 AT 21:03

Whay makes you get out of bed ;
A new Challenge for my new life,
A new soul for my new lonely body ;
and so i wanted to get out of bed...


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Upasana Gupta 8 SEP 2018 AT 23:27

When You Are Tired
To Get Up From Your Struggles
Remember Every Time
When They Picked You Up
When You Lost Balance
Off Your Tiny Feet.


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Anneysha Choudhury 16 JAN 2018 AT 22:14

I fell for you and you wouldn't even let me get up.


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Upasana Gupta 13 DEC 2017 AT 7:01

It's Completely Okay To Take Rest
And Heal Yourself
You Are ALways A Warrior
And A Winner
Just Get Back Up
And Continue The Struggle.

They Can Make You Weak
But Can't Make You Fail.


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Vaishnavi Rao 11 JUN 2017 AT 21:55

"SO YOU WANT"to give up??
No wonder your enemies have WON now!
No matter what GET UP, SHOW YOUR BACK STABBERS that they were WRONG!


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Vinod Meena 15 FEB 2018 AT 19:48

Passion is What !
If you always Get up 1 min. Before your alarm 🎯


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