The Little Finger

( The poem continues in the caption)

The little finger Two I was, when I started to linger I made a first step by holding my mum's little finger. At five, I started to grow to everyone's  zest And that little finger was somewhere left. At fourteen, My adrenaline levels was at the Crest And then she held my little finger as my only best. Wiser I became as i was twenty eight Then I held by wife's little finger though it wasn't as late. At 32,  I made a small stroll. And my little finger was held by my small doll. At the age of sixty I was not as quick And my little finger was around a small stick. Seventy I become, As I am on my bed. This little finger has to be alone As soon I will be dead. #yqbaba#little#finger#poem#poetry#pic#pinterest#poetry#poet

12 JUL AT 23:39