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To know your fears better,learn to face them.


Learn to face them.
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Kirti Thakur 15 DEC AT 1:53

Na jane q ab daar sa lgta h iss
Zindagi se
Pta nai ab kal kya dkhaye gi ye muje
Ya hassayegi ya fir rulayegi muje


Teniola Balogun 15 DEC AT 0:25

I will make an ink of my blood.
I will quench my thirst with my tears.
I will make music of my wailing,
my loneliness, a philosophical subject.
I'll reach out to emotions with my fears;
Courage or cowardice.
I'm going to make this pain beneficial.....
Are you going to make your pain beneficial?


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Swastika Mohapatra 14 DEC AT 6:49

I twin the threads around my wrist,
To illude the world that it is not my heart, bleeding out as BLOOD THREAD
rather it is my RELIGION.


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Prerna Singh 13 DEC AT 22:44

The language they both spoke were different,
The cultures they grew up in were different,
Their perceptions on various things were different,
But their eyes
Always conveyed the same emotion
Same feelings, same dreams and
The same fears if they ever came together.


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Naina Jani 12 DEC AT 23:21

It is indeed an onerous task,
To convince a mother,
In order to send him to war,
As she fears to lose him,
And the support he renders,
To her rather old and fragile life.


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