Kuch hi bite hue pal the..
Un chand palo ke kai tukde the.. 
Unhi tookdo ko maine joda aur haseen sa yaado ka pitaara sajaya ..
Ye haseen sa pitara us haseen din ke liye tha magar afsoos , samay pe kisi ka bas nahi chalta ..
Chala gaya wo haseen sa din jiska tha mujhe intezaar 
Khush toh mai bahot tha magar abb wo haseen sa pitaaraa ek mamuli sa pitaara ban ke rahe gaya...
 Chah kar ke bhi mai use rakh nahi sakta, aur mai chah kar ke bhi ye use  bata bhi nahi sakta 
Akhir uski sajawat hi  toh toffa thi ..per abb sayad uss toffe ki kimat hi nahi rahi ...
Bas abb toh intezaar hai kab mere haatho bani kisi aur ki amaanat us tak pahoche gi.

#happiness#Fading#excitement# faded

29 OCT AT 0:03

Ominous day it really was, the beginning of the fading and the withering 
The day I decided and did to give her little white flowers
One day you'll ask me why, then i will say
Cause my dear you are more of a rose, since i known you as a Daisy among all these White and Red roses
at least you're a Pink rose
But that's a tale for another day
I couldn't face it as it stands before me,
So what am i to do than 
giving you petals that fades faster than you could cherished it.
so here's me mending myself with dream of lies. 
I don't ask to be understand as i hope i do too but for now lets end it here and tell it on another tale.


26 OCT AT 17:55