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The fading Sun smiled at his weary soul,
Perhaps he knew better.
The most obedient star in our Milky-way, never said "no".

How tiny seems our courage now.
How small is our span of patience,
How weary we look after days' toil
How gloomy we feel at our sadness!

O bereaved soul,
Fear not!
The scattered leaves don't feel pain.
The joy of falling with a purpose is much better than aimless rise!

After all, we all are nothing but Dolls of the Mighty,
Dancing through his majestic tune.

Dear friends, Thank you so much. There have been hundreds of pokes since the past one and a half months. When I scroll down them, my eyes get drenched. I've been mentally upset for quite some time due to some work related issues. But now I feel I should come out of my shell and do what I was born to do. To my dearest friends here in YourQuote, I love you all. I didn't name any of you since if I do, I wouldn't keep it in the captions as the count is way too large and I don't want to lose any of your names. My heartiest love and respect for making me write again and I promise you my all time presence here from today 💞💐💐 #yqbaba, #yqdada, #yqdidi, #life, #fading #sun, #weary, #Almighty Pic Courtesy: Pixabay