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YourQuote Baba
10 JAN AT 19:52

Dear Fabulous Writers,

1. Object of the day: PHOTOFRAME
Use the object in your poem/quote/story and capture the essence of life.

2. Write a quote/poem/story on:
'What Home Means To Me'

3. Fill in the blank:
Equality tastes/smells/looks like...


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Parth Bishnöi
8 MAR AT 16:17

India is a secular country
Where you can choose anything .

She chose temple to worship
And society questioned her religion ,
Replied the so called " Muslim Woman " .


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Dev Lahiri
7 MAR AT 12:42

Red stain,
Suffering with immense pain.
Yes , we called her weak..

Carrying hope in her womb,
Deep down,
You know she is strong,
But still we called her weak..

Huge dreams,
With tons of obstacles along .
By grabing the balls of the society,
She prove them wrong.
Yes , we called her weak..!



Debashis Sarmah
9 AUG 2017 AT 23:26

Not every DNA carries wealth and intelligence,
Not everyone with a Surname needs upliftment.

It's time to stop being greedy and help the needy,
Else cut that lie of mentioning right to equality.


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Shruti Roy
19 FEB AT 16:00

There was always a difference between that affectionate touch and the forced hug
That inflicted the abuse on her during her childhood...
There was always a difference between the son and the daughter
That provided a separate list of rules and regulations for her ....
There was always a difference between genuine pure love and forced affection
That suppressd her painful shrieks behind the closed door...
Infact there is always a difference between patriarchy and equality
That initiates her to fight for her rights in each and every sphere , in each and every second...


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