Probably, this is going to be the first time in my life...oops death, I wouldn't mind anyone saying 'Get a life!' to me.

Stop grinning. I'm in a grave situation, can you please help me out?

#Epitaph Life...I mean death is so boring without humor.

18 FEB AT 21:13

If someone tells me,
I am not putting up a fight,
The dream that can't be accomplished,
It's because the mind is not right!

I can see in the world - there is a light,
But forgive me for letting you down,
Yesterday got betrayed,
Didn't have the courage to face another day!

Maybe someone can help put out the misery,
I am lost and can't find my way,
Everyday I tried so hard,
But can't become the woman I once was!

I put behind me my share of regrets,
Get over the agony of a dilapidated life,
Please in my death don't cry,
Tears will only bring bad memories!


14 JAN AT 21:13