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Piyali Bhattaycharjee 14 HOURS AGO

Let's sink in each other's eyes
And stay till we drown within
Coz these glances are illusions
Craving for the eternal truth..


Utkarsh Gupta 6 DEC AT 4:30

इस क़दर तुमको चाहूंगा कि टूटे हुए दिल के हर टुकड़े पर हर्फ़-ब-हर्फ़ तेरा नाम लिखता जाऊंगा,
हर शाम इस ज़ख्मी कलम से कतरा-कतरा तेरे नाम की स्याह़ मे दिल को डूबाता जाऊंगा!

:- उत्कर्ष गुप्ता ♥️🗡️


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Spandana naidu 5 DEC AT 16:41

All I want, is to drown in it.


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Irika 5 DEC AT 13:25

Don't let her bellow
One of her screeches
Become menace in
Y.O.U.R W.O.R.L.D.


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Argha Goswami 5 DEC AT 12:44

Don't let her cry.
One of her tears
could overflow the



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Kirti Katyal 4 DEC AT 8:32

The touch of water reminds me of - EMOTIONS.
If you go too deep, you may get drowned.


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Nikhila Peri 22 NOV AT 9:04

& again,
I lost in the ocean
of your love...
where I am helpless
over my breathe,
pulse & heartbeat.
Now all I can do is
just to take in your love
& drown myself in you.


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