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Joined 1 September 2018
Pranshi Singh 8 MAR AT 22:15

I feel utterly helpless
In this society so ruthless .
I can't bear it any more ,
Carrying a life within is sore .
Raise your voice
Against child bride .


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Pranshi Singh 7 MAR AT 17:50

Right of decision-making is chief ingredient ,
Summing it all, is capacity to implement .


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Pranshi Singh 5 MAR AT 21:12

Dear Patriarchy,
Please mend your ways.
Be consistent with time,
Give women equal space.

Dear Patriarchy,
You have existed for so long.
Crooked, vacillating and old now
Time for you to shed down.

Dear Patriarchy,
You have restricted women's freedom.
To be subsumed in your ego,
Tried to kill their instincts and reason.

Dear Patriarchy,
You have dented equality and humanity.
Reducing men to agents of oppression,
Fitting them, too, into strict social standards.


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Pranshi Singh 9 FEB AT 23:07

Can I hold you a bit longer ?
Get into your heart a bit deeper ?
On me, You cast a spell .
So permanent and eternal .

I don't wanna get old with you
But, by your side, just grow.
Your intellect growing my wits more
Seeking peace on the mattress core .

Are you a daydream ?
Of which I'm ready to scream .
Arising from the memory-creme ,
I realize the worldly-beam .


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Pranshi Singh 21 JAN AT 21:40

तू जो बस गया है,
मेरे कमरे की फ़िज़ाओं में ।
ज्यों ही घुसती हूँ ,
तेरी खुशबू महकने लगती है ।


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Pranshi Singh 3 JAN AT 23:40

I remember the time you came
I was fine, but you made me smile
I was trying to cope with
You made it all assuaging.

I tried to push you away
But, always melted by your sway.
You helped me overcome a phase
Was drowning in it, for lot of days.

You came as a saviour
Gave me a floater
Now, I swim in the ocean 'same'
Will return to shore, after game.

Lovely with you was swimming
New strokes from you learning
'Value of Time', making me realise
Pleading honestly what one desires.

Having different personalities
Jig-saw fitted by commonalities .
Your 'warmth' will be cherished
Making my cold-heart enriched.


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Pranshi Singh 18 NOV 2019 AT 8:09

It was not just him sporting popular brands
But being usually carefree of his attire

It was not just him being a reader,
But responding, after being an avid listener

It was not just him being reserved
But with a smile ,mischiefs overlooked

It was not just him puffing cigarettes
But, to others, being always considerate

It was not just him being shy
But also ecstatic in a while

It was not just him being honest
But dealing with situations prudent

It was not just him fond of automobiles
But being heartthrob of damsel smiles


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Pranshi Singh 7 NOV 2019 AT 0:15

Its not for followers, some write
Through the verses, they wish to be recognised.

But, encouragements are healthy for poets,
Supporting each other in times of doomness.
Praises are like chutney in your diet
Don't satisfy your hunger, but your appetite .

Some ask-" when few readers, why to write ?"
For some, letting go of pain like a kite,
Revealing future generations, pen's might
After all, histories are also seen through their sight.


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Pranshi Singh 24 OCT 2019 AT 20:50

Diwali Lights
Sometimes Dazzling and Sparkling ✨ - symbolising vibrancy of life & these festivals. Filling u with series of emotions, desires & ecstasy. The excitement of new clothes, gifts, sweets, crackers (debatable), decorations, rangoli & so on.
Other times, these lights are Simple & Constant, yet beautiful. Staring deep down into your eyes👀 , constantly needing an answer. Probably the question is-Will u also take me out after 4-5 days?
Its a festival where each & every house 🏡 wears multiple accessories to Woo its Lovers💏 (onlookers).
These lights, in these dark, cold & foggy nights🌃 fill u with sense of Eternity & Bliss. They calm ur soul, giving you soothing relaxation & rekindle Hope- hope of love, joy, achievements and positivity. They are like small stars🌟 sparkling in dark sky. Both are incomplete without each other. They also add beauty & meaning to each other(stars look their best in nights & lose their beauty in daylight. Similar is the case with diwali lights).
I seriously miss them and don't like taking them out.


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Pranshi Singh 1 OCT 2019 AT 21:18

its not always

Rough and Rash .

sometimes just ,

Gentle and Stash .


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